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Ayurvedic formulations are amalgamation of various herbs used to cure various lifestyle diseases.

1. New product formulation
The secret of the natural health is based on the laws of Ayurveda and on standardization of ayurvedic formulation that are well documented in the great treatises such as Charakasamhita, Sushrut Samhita and Ashtanga Granthavali. These ayurvedic herbal formulations are processed under the most hygienic condition and are available in vacuum-sealed packaging in different quantities.

2. Product quality improvement
Currently, the majority of adverse events related to the use of herbal products and herbal medicines that are reported are attributable either to poor product quality or to improper use. Inadequate regulatory measures, weak quality control systems and largely uncontrolled distribution channels (including mail order and Internet sales) may have been contributing to the occurrence of such events.

Action required
For the safety of those using herbal medicines, four complementary actions are needed :

  • clear identification of the nature of adverse events
  • management of the risks
  • institution of measure to prevent adverse events\
  • good communication of the risks and benefits of herbal medicines.

3 . Formulation writing

Ayurvedic Formulations are of TWO kinds :

A) Classical
These are the formulations, taken directly from the Vedas, the Books of Ayurved, written Directly by the Gods, and told to us through the Gods’ Appointed Conveyors. These formulations have different names, all given by the Gods, and no Company or Person, can give them new names, if the formulation happens to be the same. A Company takes appropriate license to manufacture the specific Classical Formulations. The Classical Name and the Book its referenced from, has to be specified by the Company, on the Medicine Label. The Company May or may not mention the complete formula on the label. Just the Classical Name and the Name of the ‘Book of Ayurved’ from where the Formulation isReferenced , is all that is Required on the Medicine Label. Some Companies mention on the Label also, that it is a ‘Classical’ Ayurvedic Formulation.

B) Patented Formulations :
These Formulations are developed and owned by a Person and/ or a Company. They have to do ‘Clinical Trials’ and the formulations have to be cleared by the respective ‘Ayurvedic Board’ of the state, where the license is applied from.
The Name of the Medicine, is like a ‘Brand’, owned by the Company, and the complete formulation is specified on the ‘Medicine Label’ and/ or ‘Packing’. The Company is free to write the Formulation in ‘Hindi’, ‘English’ or ‘Latin’. Some companies specify the Formulation , that is the ingredients, in more than one language.

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