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Senior Analyst
Department: QC Lab
Roles & Responsibilty
  1. Testing of samples (Air, Water, Soil and Illumination) and compliance as per the test procedure described in standard test procedure.
  2. Routine calibration of instruments in laboratory and maintaining their records.
  3. Perform testing of samples through appropriate standard test method as per customer’s requirement and submit within the time schedule.
  4. Ensuring proper handling and preservation of samples, storage of chemicals, reagents and Indicators in laboratory.
  5. Retest & replicate test of samples.
  6. Intermediate check of Instruments.
  7. Quality assurance of test results.
  8. Controlling non-conformance in laboratory and assist in corrective action& preventive action planning.
  9. Imparting technical training to junior staff about implementation of any new standard method for testing, Operation of instruments and other GLP standards. (Wherever applicable).
  10. Preparation of SOP & STP for respective work.
  11. Process validation of any international / National standard method in laboratory. 

Qualification Required: B.Sc. In Chemistry or Biotechnology / M.Sc. in Chemistry or Biotechnology /Environmental Science

Experience: Minimum 2 years’ experience required in Air Analysis, Calculations etc.

Salary Range- Rs. 15000- 25000/-

Marketing Executive
Department: Marketing
Roles & Responsibilty
  1. Aim to maximize profits through developing sales strategies that match customer requirements and promoting products, services or ideas.
  2. Liaising and networking with a range of stakeholders including customers, colleagues, suppliers and partner organizations.
  3. Communicating with target audiences and managing customer relationships.
  4. Sourcing advertising opportunities and developing, marketing plans and strategies.
  5. Maintaining and updating customer databases.
  6. Managing budgets, evaluating marketing campaigns and monitoring competitor activity.
  7. Technical consultation to clients.

Qualification Required:Any Graduate/MBA/ Btech.

Experience: Minimum 2 years’ experience required in Industrial Sales and Marketing

Salary Range- Rs. 12000- 20000/-

Service Engineer
Department: Service
Roles & Responsibilty
  1. Preventive maintenance of all electrical equipment’s and machineries of all section.
  2. Installation, erection & commissioning of plants & machineries of STP/ETP/ WTP and Fire Fighting System.
  3. Design & material calculation for STP/ETP/APCS.
  4. All paper work related to STP / ETP works. Internal paper works (online consent application & receiving of documents).
  5. Onsite technical support, final supervision of STP/ ETP/WTP/ Fire Fighting
  6. Material supervision & delivery.

Qualification Required:Diploma/ B. Tech Mechanical

Experience: Minimum 2 years’ experience required in ETP/ STP/ WTP work

Salary Range- Rs. 12000- 20000/-

Environmental Consultant
Department: QC Lab
Roles & Responsibilty
  1. Provide environmental guidance to clients for new industrial projects.
  2. Responsible for EIA (Environmental Impact Analysis), EC, CGWC (Central Ground Water Clearance) Documentation, related client handling and liaising formalities.
  3. Perform research and analysis to understand environmental effects of industrial plants.
  4. Forecast potential environmental problems and provide recommendations.
  5. Conduct site inspections for environmental safety compliance.
  6. Analyse inspection data to understand pollution and contamination levels.
  7. Prepare inspection reports along with appropriate suggestions for clients
  8. Research and recommend new processes to reduce environmental damages.
  9. Oversee environmental legislative issues for industrial clients.
  10. Build positive and long-term working relationships with clients.
  11. Prepare technical proposals and scientific reports for new industrial projects.
  12. Obtain environmental permits and develop environmental programs for industrial clients.
  13. Manage and monitor environmental project activities to ensure timely completion.
  14. Provide trainings and guidance to team members as needed.
  15. Resolve environmental issues and escalate complex problems to higher authorities

Qualification Required:BSC/ Environmental Science/ or any other relevant field.

Experience: Minimum 5 years’ experience required in Environment consultation in NABL Laboratory for testing of Air, Water, Soil& Illumination

Salary Range- Rs. 20000/- RS. 25000/-

QC Executive
Department: QC Lab
Roles & Responsibilty
  1. Overall responsibility for implementation and maintenance of Quality Assurance system.
  2. Implement, control and monitor the quality system, issue of quality manual and its amendment. Organize internal audit and review of quality system as assistant.
  3. Handle customer complaint.
  4. Investigate and set standards for quality, health and safety.
  5. Monitor performance, supervise CSE staff.
  6. Proper coordination and communication effectively with subordinates, environment and service staff and consultants.
  7. Review and enlist vendors.
  8. Maintain records of suppliers and vendors
  9. Vendor evaluation as per plan
  10. Identification of the training needs of the departmental people.
  11. Responsible for all works in designing absence of the Quality Manager.
  12. Analyze the customer needs
  13. Ensure customer information through coordinating with the field force
  14. Maintain a strong one to one relationship with customers
  15. Take action plan for acquiring, maintaining and upgrading customer
  16. Ensure the adequacy of sales-related equipment or material. Respond to complaints from customers and give after-sales support when requested.
  17. Ensure adherence to laws and policies
  18. Handle the processing of all orders with accuracy and timeliness
Asst. Project Mananger
Department: Service
Roles & Responsibilty
  1. Under general supervision, responsible for the overall execution and performance of assigned fire protection sprinkler projects.
  2. Provides project layout, design and coordination for day to day activities of assigned jobs. Secures new work and change orders from the existing customer base.
  3. Responsible for overall project safety program compliance.
  4. Designs, plans, executes and controls assigned projects.
  5. Provide hydraulic calculations and stock listing for assigned projects. Coordinates design layout with other trades in order to provide the most efficient installation.
  6. Oversees the commissioning process to ensure that it is performed in accordance with standard practices.
  7. Maintain project budgets and estimated design and project management hours.
  8. Facilitates escalation of product related problems.
  9. Acts as a technical resource for Sales on large projects.
  10. Reviews and interprets contract Terms and Conditions.
  11. Analyses financial reporting systems and project schedules to proactively address potential problems and manage risk. Investigates solutions and establishes project recovery plans.
  12. Provides ongoing cost and estimate analysis reporting. Manages allocation of costs to financial reporting systems.
  13. Uses negotiation skills to consistently resolve disputes.
  14. Ensures project document controls are in compliance with contract requirements
  15. Develops and maintains viable long-term relationships with customers/clients and subcontractors.
  16. Attends job progress meetings as required.
  17. Ensures subcontractors understand expectations of the project.
  18. Ensures that team members, and subcontractors adhere to safety standards.

Skills and Experience Required

  1. Two years of engineering or trade school training such as an engineering degree or equivalent is preferred; or five or more years of comprehensive, technical and operational on the job work experience preferably in fire protection related.
  2. Working knowledge of CAD based software; preferably fire protection sprinkler related design software.
  3. Installation, Service, Engineering or Commissioning experience related to Fire systems is desired.
  4. Ability to shift between design and project management responsibilities as required per project.
  5. Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills.


Accounts manager
Department: Accounts
Roles & Responsibilty
  1. All Tally Entry.
  2. Money receipt book entry.
  3. Recording of all files.
  4. Recording of all Register
  5. Daily closing report as per format given
  6. Monthly closing report as per format given
  7. GST Filling & Payment
  8. Assisting CA in Audit & taxation work
  9. Debit Voucher, Credit Voucher, Book Entry.
  10. Online Banking transactions. (Party payment, Salary Payment or any other)
  11. Bank and Cash reconciliation.
  12. Payroll generation & Salary slips
  13. EPF & ESIC Online Payment.
  14. Monthly & Yearly invoice/ Bill generation or preparation & handover to collection department as per customer and client agreement.
Project Mananger( Environment)
Department: QC Lab
Roles & Responsibilty
  1. Responsible for planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing projects. Accountable for the entire project scope, project team, resources, and the success or failure of the project.
  2. Carrying out site investigations, collecting, processing, and evaluating the off-site and on-site data, processing and interpretation of chemical, data for preparing environmental reports and work plans accordingly.
  3. Coordinating with and providing technical assistance to Engineer & environmental Analyst and for project designing, and maintaining the project standards as per the guidelines by regulatory authorities.
  4. Managing other procedures of environmental project handling, preparing budget and financial reports as per the organizational guidelines, and keeping track of finance and budget while preparing tenders for contractors
  5. Coordinating with environmental regulatory authorities for obtaining the upgraded environmental compliance guidelines and work accordingly for accomplishing the project responsibilities.
  6. Responsible for the environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental management plan (EMP) and its technical documentation like Environmental Clearances (EC), (EIA) Report, (EMP) Reports etc.
  7. The basic qualification for obtaining a post of environmental project manager is a bachelor's degree in geology, environmental engineering, environmental science, or other related scientific / technical field, though a master's degree in the same is preferred mostly.
  8. Must have a working knowledge of 5- 10 years in the same field. Must have knowledge of environmental laws and Environment protection act. Apart from the educational qualifications, it is also necessary for environmental project managers to have a relevant experience in this field.
  9. The basic skills required is oral, written, and verbal communication for conveying the project details to his subordinate staff and management team.
  10. Knowledge of National Accreditation Board for Education & Training (NABET), Practices of auditing environmental management systems is an added advantage.
  11. Must have Knowledge in Central Ground water system.


Marketing Executive
Department: Marketing
Roles & Responsibilty
  1. Focus on Business Development and front-line marketing of Industry grade
  2. Supply of Chemical Raw materials
  3. Aim to maximize profits through developing sales strategies that match customer requirements and promoting products, services or ideas.
  4. Liaise and create network with a range of stakeholders including customers, colleagues, suppliers and partner organizations
  5. Communicate with target audiences and provide a solution to Clients’ queries, managing customer relationships
  6. Technical consultation to clients
  7. Travel to companies and businesses to sell industrial equipments for mechanical uses.
  8. Check out existing equipment and recommend upgrades or replacements.
  9. Show exactly where to place the equipment and demonstrate its uses.
  10. Perform product demonstrations, installations, and application support.
  11. Improve product knowledge and sales techniques.
  12. Travel throughout assigned territory to call on regular and prospective customers to solicit orders or talks with customers on sales floor or by phone.
  13. Sell the company products/services by creating contacts and further making relationships with the prospects
  14. Arrange for installation and test-operation of machinery and recommends solutions to product-related problems.
  15. Manage and develop new customers, while maintaining existing sales within assigned customers and a given sales territory.
  16. Review monthly the best monitoring sales report with management to determine if goals and objectives are being met.