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Top 5 Environmental issues we are facing today and the solutions for it.

Several environmental issues are currently affecting the planet, and as a result, many people are working nonstop to seek solutions. Here, we’ll talk about the top five environmental problems we now have.

1.     Global Warming

  One of the major concerns right now is global warming.  Greenhouse gases are causing the earth’s surface temperature to rise and the climate to change, as well as rising sea levels, glacier melting, flash floods, desertification, and other effects.

Additionally, the Ozone layer in the earth’s atmosphere is thinning, which may cause a rise in ailments like cataracts and skin cancer.


a.       Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

b.      Reduce Water Waste

c.       Stop Wasting Food & Compost the Leftovers

d.      Drive Fuel Efficient Vehicles

e.       Stop Deforestation

f.        Reduce the Use of Fossil Fuel

2.     Over-Population

  The world’s human population is expanding quickly, causing a lack of natural resources like water, fuel, petrol, coal, natural gases, etc, and in many places, people are also experiencing a shortage of food and water. Moreover, day by day, air and water pollution keeps rising.

  Due to overpopulation, there is an increase in demand for and price of food, housing, and healthcare. Additionally, as more people look for work to support their families but there are fewer opportunities available, unemployment is increasing.


a.       Have Fewer Children

b.      Consider Adoption

c.       Educate Women and Girls

3.     Air Pollution

  Pollutants that are harmful to people, animals, and plants are released into the air and are referred to as air pollutants. The majority of air pollution is produced by factories, wildfires, volcanoes, heavy traffic on the roads, burning coal or fossil fuels, etc. The amount of carbon dioxide in the air is rising daily. As a result, both humans and animals are affected by numerous illnesses, including nose, throat, eye, and skin irritation, nausea, dizziness, and even lung and respiratory ailments. It also leads to acid rain, which harms crops and plants by altering soil composition and lowering water quality, among other things. Air monitoring is necessary to know the air quality.


a.       Conserve Energy Wherever and Whenever You Can

b.      Use Public Transports to Reduce Traffic Congestion

c.       Reduce Wildfires, Trash Burning and Smoking

d.      Plant Trees

e.       Recycle and Reuse Old Products

4.     Water Pollution

  Water is one of the most essential components for human survival. When dangerous elements like microorganisms or chemicals pollute a river, the ocean, or other bodies of water, water pollution occurs, making the water toxic to both people and the environment.

  The contaminated water from factories is dumped into nearby water bodies, making it unsafe for both humans and animals to drink and increasing the risk of diseases including cholera, typhoid, diarrhea, hepatitis A, and other similar conditions. Numerous fish, birds, and turtles die from suffocation, starvation, or ingesting trash.


a.       Stop Disposing Chemicals

b.      Install Wastewater Recycling Plant

c.       Minimize Use of Pesticides, Fertilizers and Other Chemicals

d.      Reduce the Use of Plastic

e.       Use Water Efficient Toilet

5.     Deforestation

  Another major problem that we are currently dealing with is deforestation, which is the primary cause of nearly all other environmental problems. It is the extensive removal of trees from lands and forests. Increased greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, global warming, air pollution, and other problems can result from it. These include biodiversity loss, soil erosion, water cycle disruption, and more.


a.       Replanting Tree

b.      Reduce Consumption of Paper Products

c.       Use Certified Sustainable Wood Products

d.      Practice Eco-Forestry

e.       Stop Illegal Logging

  We must safeguard Earth at all costs because it is the only home humans have and we all have to work towards solving all environment related problems.