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Welcome to Sai BioCare Pvt.Ltd. We are the single multi functional unit of eastern zone with diversified products and services dedicated to larger mass ,the common people. Continuous intensified high end research for better quality seedlings, new trusted analysis techniques development, Contract research, Compatible environmental system development, large scale plantation, quality testing ,technology transfer, consultation, herbal ,life saving product market development are the major inclusions in company portfolio.

Our Aim

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Our Mission is to build a future where economic development harmonizes with ecological balance by providing innovative environmental solutions that safeguard the natural world.


Our vision is to preserve, protect, and restore the Earth's natural beauty for generations to come, creating a world where every action counts in the preservation of our environment.


We prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring the highest quality at an affordable price to maintain our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Fire Protection and Detection Alarm System

Sai Biocare has made a reputed name for themselves in the market with high-quality Fire Safety and Detection Services. It is important to have proper fire safety standards and procedures. Gross negligence of fire safety can lead to fire accidents. Therefore, we highly recommend you to start investing in fire safety-related services. Contact us today if you need Fire Safety and Detection Services.

fire fighting system is an activity of prevention during a fire spread in building, home or warehouse with the use of proper fire safety equipment like extinguisher, hose reels, fire monitors, nozzles and hose pipes. Fire fighting equipment includes not only fire hoses and fire extinguishers but also fire-resistant protective clothing, fire-resistant gloves, respirators, and communication equipment.

Automatic fire detection usually senses smoke or heat and it can be difficult to set this to avoid false alarms in the immediate welding environment. However, other areas of the workshop may be covered by such systems. Automatic systems can be set to trigger sprinklers and/or to call the fire service automatically.


Here are the wide range of fire safety equipments or services that Sai Biocare offers:

Fire Pumps & Ancillary Works

Sai Biocare provides fire pumps and ancillary works for fire fighting purposes. Fire pumps receive water from a body of water like a tank or reservoir. It is usually used in manufacturing facilities, housing complexes, schools, and many more.

Fire Hydrant System

Fire Hydrant System is known to be the oldest and most effective fire fighting system. The primary purpose of fire hydrants is to provide water for fire suppression and are generally used for various residential and industrial purposes. Here at Sai Biocare, we provide fire hydrants.

Automatic Water Based Sprinkler System

Automatic Water Based Sprinkler will change your life like no other. It will save you time and use the right amount of water and it is a great way to keep your lawn healthy and green. Most of the fire breakage in buildings can be put out by using Sprinkler Systems. It will provide protection against loss of life and property in the event of a fire.

Automatic Convention & Intelligent Fire Alarm System

It is very wise to use Fire Alarm these days as it gives the early warning benefit. In the event of smoke or heat, it will immediately go off, which will give everyone time to escape from the building. It will provide protection against loss of life and property in the event of a fire.

Hand Appliances (Fire Extinguishers)

This high time now, fire extinguishers are extremely important and are commonly used for fire protection. A fire extinguisher offers round-the-clock protection and is very simple to use. It gives us the ability to control fires and limit the amount of pollution caused by smoke.

Wet Riser Systems

Wet risers systems are another fire safety service provided by Sai Biocare. It is used to supply water to multiple levels or compartments of a building for fire-fighting purposes. Wet risers are permanently filled with water often pumped from a storage tank. Wet risers should be inspected and tested regularly to ensure equipment is functioning correctly and ready to use.

High-Velocity Water Spray Systems

High-Velocity Water Spray System is another fire safety system that is used for the extinction of fires. This is based on the principle of “emulsification” It is mostly used to protect equipments like transformers, diesel engines, and many more. HVWS is what you need then Sai Biocare is here to provide it.

Medium Velocity Water Spray Systems

MVWS is another type of fire protection system which Sai Biocare provides. A medium velocity water spray system is a water-based fire protection system used in large-scale industries. This system is designed to control fires involving lighter oils. In this system, it sprays water at a medium velocity

Dry Riser Systems

Another service provided by Sai Biocare are Dry risers which is basically an empty pipe running up the inside of a building. It allows the fire brigade to pump water onto the upper floors of a building in order to suppress a fire. In order to transport water efficiently dry riser installation is essential.

Water Curtain Systems

We also provide Water Curtain Systems for our clients. Water Curtain Systems basically consist of a set of nozzles that are mounted radially to diffuse water at high pressure during fire accidents. It is mostly used in residential or corporate settings and is an excellent system used to prevent the spread of fire across windows and ceilings.

FM 200 Gas Suppression Systems

FM-200 is basically a colorless and non-toxic gas best used to protect high-value assets. People do have to be worried about being exposed to FM-200 gas. It is the best fire suppression system. If you need a fire suppression system then Sai Biocare is here to install it for you.

Passive Fire Systems

A passive fire system is another type of fire protection system. Passive fire protection systems are frequently incorporated into the structure of a building. A few examples of passive fire system includes fire-resistant doors, floors, and windows. It helps in slowing the spread of fire.