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Media are important in water purification. Various types of media available with us for bulk /regular purchase.
Below mentioned products are :

  •  Activated Carbon
  •  Charcoal
  • FAB Media/MBBR Media
  • TubePack Media
  •  MBBR
  • Silica Sand
  • Filter Gravel
  • Garnet Abrasive Sand
  • Coconut Carbon
  • Media
  • Silex
  • Green Sand
  • Manganese Dioxide
  • Natural Sand
  • Quartz Sand
  • Ph correction media
  • Ceramic Ball
  • Calcite
  • Activated Glass Media
  • Activated Alluminium
  • Catalytic Carbon
  • KDF

Quartz sand: It is used in filter vessels where it acts as barrier for pathogenic bacteria. It is found to be most suitable for reduction of bacterial contamination. It helps in removal of suspended solids also which acts as carrier bed of pathogens.

Pebbles and gravels: These are used in filter vessels where they act as filter media with stratification of gradual removal of suspended solids present in wastewater. Furthermore, they act as firm bed for the sand placed above them.

MBBR media: These acts as carrier media for the bacterial growth which will help in decomposing the wastewater. These media are of plastic make of round shapes which increases the surface area for enhanced biological treatment without increasing the volume of the reactor.

Tube settling media: These are long chevron shaped PVC media used in settling chamber for decreasing the settling time and increasing the surface area for settling the solids without increasing the clarifier volume.