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Operation & Maintenance

SAI BIOCARE PVT. LTD., an environmental expert offers full service regarding analysis, operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants. We provide regular maintenance of wastewater treatment plants which will increase the operation for a longer time with less hassle.

Our service and maintenance for wastewater treatment plants

    •  Our comprehensive service is tailor made to the individual requirements of our customers and ranges from wastewater analysis, optimization, start-up and general supervision to a complete operating contract.
    •  In addition to preventative maintenance majors and the replacements of spare parts on site, we offer you powerful support with wastewater analysis and laboratory tests.
    •  We offer you professional service for all components, cost- effective spare parts, if required and central communication with suppliers such as pump manufacturers. Our customized and plant specific maintenance is focusing on longevity and optimization due to close monitoring on site.
  •  We provide Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for minimum a year and this may be renewed from year to year subject to rendering of satisfactory service of fulfilling maintenance work.