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5 Types of Fire Safety Systems You Must Have For Your Business

Fire accidents are very hazardous and very frequent these days. Therefore, fire protection services are very important in our daily lives. It results in ensuring the safety of employees and the protection of the workplace. Here we are discussing about 5 fire safety systems to protect your business from fire damage.

1. Fire Extinguishers

  Every business needs an appropriate fire extinguisher on hand and ready to go. The purpose of fire extinguishers is to prevent fires in offices and other places where chemicals could be used. It provides a first aid response and helps prevent damage to the property. Fire extinguishers are usually small and easy to operate so that every employee will be able to use them. Ensure your extinguishers are serviced on a regular basis as it will make sure that it is functional and in working condition.

2. Smoke Alarms/ Smoke Detectors

 Smoke Alarms in a workplace are very important as they will help in the early detection of fire. The smoke detector siren will warn you when there is a potential fire. Smoke alarms should be installed on every floor of the workplace. Drilling the mount to your ceiling and attaching the smoke detector to the sticky mount is necessary to properly install a smoke detector. It is important to perform regular testing and cleaning of the smoke detectors as it will ensure that the smoke alarms are working.

3. Fire Suppression Systems

  A fire suppression system is used to prevent and extinguish a fire in a building, with the help of dry chemicals or wet agents. The types of systems include insert gases, Co2, and water mist. The chemical agent is released after the fire suppression system detects smoke and triggers an alarm. The probes are the final warning before the agent is released. Install a fire suppression system on-premise.

4. Water Sprinkler System

  Having a well-functioned water sprinkler system is very crucial for the business. It is designed in such a way as to detect a fire and extinguish it in the early stages. This makes it easier for employees to exit the building. It consists of pipes along a ceiling that contains water under pressure and an additional source of water for a constant flow. It is a very good investment for reducing fire losses.

5. Fire Safety Signs

  As important as unlocked exits are for fire safety, the people who find the exits are just as important a safety measure in your buildings. Fire safety signs are usually color-coded as it helps everyone to interpret them. Green square/rectangular signs with white writing signs show fire exits and escape routes. Red circular/rectangular signs with white writing signs indicate the location of firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers and hoses. Yellow triangular signs with black writing are warning signs that indicate specific fire-associated risks.

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