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How Air Pollution Is Impacting the Human Beings?

Any physical, chemical, or biological alternation in the air is referred to as air pollution. The serious effects of air pollution on plants, animals, and people are caused by dangerous gases, dust, and smoke. It also causes structural damage to buildings. Some of the long-term health effects of air pollution include heart disease, lung cancer, and respiratory illnesses like emphysema. Additionally, long-term exposure to air pollution can harm a person’s nerves, brain, kidney, liver, and other organs. Some scientists think that birth abnormalities are caused by air pollution. So air monitoring is important to measure the air quality of residential, industrial and workplace etc.

  Major Large-scale businesses like power plants, steel plants, cement plants, including crusher and smelting plants, cause air pollution. Cars, buses, airlines, trucks, and trains are smaller contributors. Both naturally occurring causes like volcanic eruptions and wind-borne dust and anthropogenic activity. Expansion that normally takes place as nations industrialise, expanding cities, rising traffic, rapid economic development and industrialisation, and increased levels of energy use have all contributed to air pollution. Urban areas in India with a large concentration of industries and thermal power plants as well as a few other locations also suffer from extensive air pollution.

  The consequences of air pollution can affect entire ecosystems, just like people, animals, and plant. Similar to smog, haze is an obvious form of air pollution that makes colors and forms difficult to see. Pollution-induced haze can also mask sound. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil where plants grow are pollutes by human activity, which has a negative impact on the environment. Even if the industrial revolution was a major success in terms of technology, society and the supply of many services, it also brought about the manufacturing of enormous quantities of pollutants that are damaging to human health and are released into the air.

  High amounts of air pollution can have a number of negative health effects and respiratory infections, Lung cancer are at high risk because of it. Air pollution exposure, both short-term and long-term, has been linked to negative health effects. People who are already unwell are subject to more severe effects.

  Therefore, air quality analysis is important to protect the health of human beings and the environment from its harmful effects.